Geoff Johnson, 6th Degree Black Belt

"There is one guy in particular to keep your eye on - Geoff Johnson...has the potential to be a national star in martial arts... I haven't seen a martial artist as sharp as him in years."
-Kevin Lamkin, 8th Degree Kenpo Black Belt
From an early age I have been intrigued by martial arts and been fortunate enough to study several of them.  When I began my studies in Uechi-Ryu and Tae kwon Do, I thought that all martial arts had the same goal and purpose, and that they were all created equal.  I was wrong. 
American Kenpo is an amazing, practical, and, most importantly, modern martial art.  Its focus is not on preserving tradition, nor is it designed for scoring points or winning trophies.  It is a highly sophisticated system of self defense.  
It can be difficult, especially for a beginner, to discern between martial arts.  Many other arts offer "self defense", which amounts to a handful of disconnected, unrelated defense scenarios.  American Kenpo, however, systematically examines every logical response to every possible type of attack you could encounter.  It is an encyclopedia of motion.  All of this is achieved in a compact, intricate system or "web of knowledge." 
However, after spending many years studying Ed Parker's system of Kenpo and arranging the self defense techniques according to the Family Groupings (outline of techniques), I found myself slightly discouraged.  There were a few self defense techniques throughout the system I felt were impractical.  The system also lacked defenses for ground fighting/wrestling.
I took it upon myself to create the martial art I always wanted to learn.  I removed, reworked, and created several defenses throughout the system.  I also studied and incorporated the most practical elements of Brazilian Jujitsu to address ground fighting.  In addition, I rearranged the Family Groupings (outline of techniques) in the most logical and instructive manner. 
After I created my art I felt compelled to document it on video.  It wasn't enough for me to have created it in my mind; I needed to share it with the world.  My system of American Kenpo Karate is now available as a Home Study Course through Google drive.  The course contains everything you'll need to attain Yellow belt through 5th Degree Black belt.  I spent many years filming and editing my creation to ensure the quality and detail of instruction is unparalleled.  You can read testimonials and view examples of my art at
The focus of my art is the same as Ed Parker's - reality based self defense.  If you have already studied Ed Parker's Kenpo, you may agree or disagree with some of the things I've done.  I encourage you, though, to study my system entirely, and once you've mastered it you can keep what you want and create what you want.