American Kenpo Karate Home Study Course

I have created a Kenpo Karate Home Study Course containing all of the material for my entire system, from Yellow belt through 5th Degree Black belt.  You can visit my YouTube channel at to view examples from each belt level.

Through my system you will have the one-on-one instruction you need to achieve your goals, with the convenience of studying in your own home.  You will also receive a copy of my Family Groupings outline to help guide your practices and give you a deeper understanding of the relationships between the self defense techniques.  Read what some of my students have to say.

If you are interested in testing for rank, I would be more than happy to critique your submitted video test.  For details on how to submit your testing video, visit Video Test Protocol.
 After placing your order, please create a Google account if you do not have one already and send me your username.  

Home Study Course

  Yellow Belt through 5th
  Degree Black Belt.  This
  course contains over 48
  hours of highly detailed
  instruction.  It is available
  for streaming through Google


Individual Belt Level

Each individual belt level
contains  over 4 hours of
one-on-one instruction.  I
discuss the stances, prin-
ciples, and mechanics of
every technique, kick, and
set.  Available for streaming 
through Google drive.