International Modern                     American Kenpo Association

The International Modern American Kenpo Association is born!  Over the years I have been asked several times whether I belong to or have created an association.  Until recently, my answer has always been no.  With so many students of mine around the world, each looking to perpetuate and adapt the art I have created, the need for an association can no longer be ignored.  As my students and students' students become instructors and open their schools (be it in their homes, online, or in commercial buildings), they and their students will collectively form the I.M.A.K.A.  Membership to the association will be open to any school teaching my art.  In addition to wearing the tiger and dragon logo on their left chest, students and instructors will also wear the globe and olive branch on their right chest.  I will appoint representatives of the association at the regional and/or country level.

As my students not only go on to teach my art, but also modify and adapt it, I envision the association to be inclusive.  When a new art is formed, the creator of the art and those who study his/her art will wear the mark of the new art on their left chest, while continuing to wear the globe and olive branch on the right chest.  This way the Kenpo family can continuously grow without losing track of one another.

It's a tough balance I'd like to achieve.  It was very fulfilling to me to be able to study Ed Parker's system and then modify it as I saw fit.  I think it would be a shame for me to discourage that same process in my students.  At the same time I'm not particularly eager for all of my students to create separate arts, effectively erasing mine.  I would like my art to be perpetuated as it is, at least for a little while.  I suppose a compromise would be to put forth a set of conditions that, once met, would allow a new art to be recognized by the association.  These conditions might include a minimum rank in my system of Kenpo, and a minimum number of years teaching it.